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How To: Plinks

Simon Willison discusses how to implement Plinks into your weblog. Plinks are permanent links attached to each paragraph giving the ability for bloggers to link directly to a specific paragraph in addition/instead of a permalink to the entire article. The author implements Plinks using JavaScript.

Apparently some think Plinks are a bad idea.

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  1. Seuss says: 5/30/2004

    I must ask… Do you also Think they are a bad idea?

    Or just taking your time to implement them?

    I for one love teddy bears.

  2. John says: 5/30/2004

    Actually, I think if used properly they are a great idea. If you have a blog that has entries with a lot of original content and your entries are typically long then I think it’s all good. Also, you need to make the Plinks as unobtrusive as possible.

    For it would be silly to implement them.


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