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WP Plugin: PageViews .03

Count each entries unique views with this plugin. If you prefer all views counted you can use a switch to total views. The only down-side is it only counts new posts after the plugin was installed.

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  1. Jan-Maarten says: 5/31/2004

    Hi, i’m not sure what you mean with the downside of the plugin? Because if I understand you correctly you say that it doesn’t count posts that where posted before the plugin. But i think it does do that!

  2. John says: 5/31/2004

    The reason I said that is in the authors instructions he says, “The plugin generates automatically new rows in the db, when a new post is created.” And as you can see from my post above, it still says 0 views even though we know at least two have viewed it. :)

  3. Jan-Maarten says: 5/31/2004

    Aaahhh now I get it, i’ll take a look at it!

  4. Jan-Maarten says: 5/31/2004

    (I’m jmschot ;))

  5. John says: 5/31/2004

    I’ve actually removed the plugin as I could’nt get it to work :(

  6. Jan-Maarten says: 6/1/2004

    Hi, well the only thing i can think off is that maby you used the wrong table name? You have to use wp_who ..

  7. Jan-Maarten says: 6/1/2004

    There is a new version available @

  8. John says: 6/1/2004

    But the .sql file creates a table named wp_count?

  9. Jan-Maarten says: 6/2/2004

    Sorry, i meant wp_count … i’m also making an other plugin, and i’m thinking about that the whole time…

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