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WP Plugin: Previous and Next Links

Huddled Masses has a newly written plugin giving your WP weblog a next and previous links to add anywhere on your index page. Supports search engine friendly URI’s too once you’ve added some mod_rewrite code to your .htaccess file.

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Five Essential Elements Of A Posting

This introductory article discusses five essential elements of a weblog posting. Element one is use a catchy title, because as the author points out, some aggregators only display the title in the feed. The title should tease readers into wanting to read the article. The second element is to consider using an excerpt from a source such as another web page or news source. Commenting on the excerpt you quoted is the third essential element. The fourth element is be sure to link back to any excerpts you used from other sources, and finally use a photo if possible. This is certainly not a requirement as photos aren’t always possible or desirable.

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WP Plugin: Event Calendar

This plugin from Kitten’s Project Blog, an Event Calendar Plugin which shows future posts in the calendar grid.

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How To: Plinks

Simon Willison discusses how to implement Plinks into your weblog. Plinks are permanent links attached to each paragraph giving the ability for bloggers to link directly to a specific paragraph in addition/instead of a permalink to the entire article. The author implements Plinks using JavaScript.

Apparently some think Plinks are a bad idea.

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CG-Amazon can access products throughout most every area of Amazon, including Books, DVDs, Music, Apparel, Electronics, Computers, Video Games, and more! Populates your database with Amazon items using your referral code and then displays items in your index page.

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WP Plugin: MW Next/Previous

This is an upgrade plugin to the already functioning Next and Previous links built into WP. This plugin “accepts prefix and postfix strings as the third and fourth parameters of the function.” Now you can add the string of your choice before and after the links.

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WP Plugin: Blogroll

rp–blogroll is a WordPress 1.2 plugin for fetching your favorites and displaying them in your weblog, ordered by most recently updated.

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WP Plugin: Recent Links

This WP plugin allows you to add a links blog to your WP powered site. Essentially, it provides a separate page with a list of all the links you have posted in your weblog. Links are sorted in monthly archives.

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What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care?

What Are Webfeeds (RSS), and Why Should You Care?

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Google Rankings: Dashes or Underscores?

You may be trying to decide if you should use dashes or underscores for your redirects in mod_rewrite? Apparently MovableType uses _underscores_ and WordPress uses -dashes- to separate URI title words. Actually, you can use either one for either of the weblog systems but those are the defaults. So which is better where Google is concerned?

John Gergye at Li’l Engine performs an experiment using search-words-with-dashes and search_words_with_underscores. His conclusion, which I believe is conclusive, proves that -dashes- are ranked as if you used no character between the words. The reason is Google treats a dash as a delimiter or a space, but Google does not treat underscores as delimiters, just another character. This could hurt your ranking unless someone is using an underscore in their search term.

When creating your rules using mod_rewrite be sure to use -dashes- as separators and NOT _underscores_.

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