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WordPress Chatter Is Up

This isn’t any surprise to anyone who has their ear to the ground. The topic of WordPress among the blogging community went through the roof on or about May 12, 2004, as did talk about MovableType. But as you can see WordPress is on fire right now. I have been playing around with BlogPulse today and they have some great tools and information on blogging. Such as this graph.

WordPress Vs. MovableType

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An Introduction To Weblog Terms

A little confused about what RSS or Permalink means? Freshen up on weblog terminology with this introductory article.

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Submit Your Weblog To The World

You finally have your weblog up and running and have written your first, “Hello World”. Now how do you create a readership? Unfortunately the “build it and they will come” axiom does not apply on the web. First step should be to get your weblog submitted to as many directories and search engines as possible. First stop is Robin Good’s article RSSTop55 – Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission Sites. There are actually over 55 submission links to the top directories and search engines on the net. I’ve listed the top 4 here:
Open Directory

Go get your weblog submitted and start writing informative, content rich articles and they will come.

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WP Plugin: Sanitized Titles

This plugin gives you MT style titles. Replaces ‘-‘ with ‘_’, eliminates the dots on decimal numbers and sanitizes rather than deleting non-English characters. Must have for languages other than English.

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WP Hack: Random Message

Soto has a Random Message WP hack that allows you to display random quotes, phrases, words or whatever message you’d like. I have it installed on another blog of mine and it works great.

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WP Plugin: Related Posts

Here is another Related Entries Plugin which is based on the previous one I posted earlier except cleaned up and coded into a plugin, taking advantage of WP’s plug-in system.

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WP Hack: Related Posts

This Related Post hack looks for keywords in a single post and grabs links to other posts with some of the same keywords. This is a hack and thus you need to add the code into your my-hacks.php file.

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WP Hack: WYSIWYG Editor

Do you need to add a little more power to your Post screen? Install this WP hack and add a WYSIWYG editor with the ability to swtch back and forth between text and HTML.

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WP Templates

Here are more WP templates. I got my template from here. Another source for templates here.

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Pinging Yahoo! From MT

Here’s a nice tutorial on setting MT to ping Yahoo’s RSS database whenever you post an entry, courtesy of Jeremy Zawodny.

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