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WordPress Plugin: The Moose is Loose!

This WP plugin adds additional functionality to the <!– more –> feature of WordPress. When a user selects the more link a <div> tag is added to the text that was on the front page, thus styling the text that was already read differently then the rest of the post.

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WordPress Plugin: Previous and Next Archive Date links

Add next / previous links on your date archive pages.

you’re looking at the archive page for “January 7, 2004″ – it will put a link to the previous day and next day page. If there are no posts on that day – it will look for the next available day that has posts.

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WordPress Plugin: AutoLinker

Create a list of text that you want to be auto-linked and this plugin will create the hyperlinks automatically for you.

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WordPress Tutorial: How To Make An “About Me” Page

This easy to follow WP tutorial shows users how to create “About Me” type pages without them showing up on your home page or in the category list. You’ll end up linking to it from links list.

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Amazon

WP-Amazon creates an easy way to link to Amazon products that’s relevant to the subject of your post. This plugin adds a link to your post page called “Insert item from” This link launches a page that will allow you to search by keyword, author,artist, actor, ASIN, director, manufacturer, or UPC.

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WordPress Plugin: Email Notification

This WP plugin allows people to sign up to be notified via eMail whenever a new entry is posted to your blog. They can also unsubscribe if they wish.

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WordPress Plugin: Trackback popup

Here’s another way to separate your comments from your trackbacks and show the number for each in WordPress.

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WordPress Plugin: Weekday

Here’s a WP plugin that adds the day of the week to your date posted. For example, your posts from yesterday would read Yesterday, June 22, 2004. Posts from today would display as Today, June 23, 2004, and posts from Monday would display as Monday, June 21, 2004.

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WordPress Hack: Separating Comments & Trackbacks

Do you need to separate your comments from your trackbacks? This hack from Scriptygoddess will do just that. Now you can have your trackbacks listed first and then your comments.

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WordPress Plugin: Automatic images for headlines

Huddled Masses latest plugin generates PNG images of text, written in the font/size that you specify. These PNG images are passed back to the browser. Optionally, they can be cached for later use. If a cached image is found, a new image will not be generated, and the existing copy will be sent to the browser.

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