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A recent article in PC Magazine by Lance Ulanoff talks about Audioblog, a blogging system that uses recorded voice rather than written word. But before he talks about Audioblog he says

New blogs, which are appearing faster than books or articles, have an even worse track record. There are very few really good blogs (I’d put the number at under 100).

He then goes on to say

bloggers add content at least once a day. It is often mindless drivel—or so poorly written that you wish someone would revoke the author’s right to blog.

I’ve only been active in the blogging community for about a year, so I’m not an expert but I think Lance is missing the point of a weblog. A weblog such as BloggingPro would not appeal to anyone who is not involved with creating or operating a weblog. Those not interested in web design, CSS or XHTML are going to find A List Apart unappealing. I look at most weblogs as a process of communicating with like minded individuals. Dave Winer said it better,

…they connect people together using the Web through common interests.

I agree, there are a lot of personal blogs that are not interesting to anybody but the author and his or her family and friends. So what?

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