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BLOG:CMS 3.0.1

BLOG:CMS (formerly Nucleus XE) is a Weblog system that has all the features you can find in MT and WP, but also many other unique ones. BLOG:CMS aims to be the most complete personal publishing platform with a focus on advanced bloggers. Bloggers with high-end needs.

BLOG:CMS features include, Multiple Weblogs, Multiple Authors, Article Categories, WYSIWYG article editing, Built-in commenting system, Anti-Spam tools, FancyURLs, Drafts and Future Posts, Plugins, Bookmarklet and right-click blogging, Archives and search, Statistics, RSS and Atom syndication, Blogger & metaWeblog API, Conversion scripts, File/Image Upload, IP-banlist, Backup/Restore, CSS style switcher, Email, print, PDF your articles, Polls, Trackback, and GNU GPL License.

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