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WordPress Plugin: Kitten’s Friendly Comments

This plugin will allow you to whitelist your friends comments and moderate everyone else.

When a new comment is posted, this plugin checks to see if the authors email address has been use to submit a comment that was previously approved. If it hasn’t, it will be flagged for moderation, and you can decide what to do with it. If a comment is submitted by someone who’s been approved in the past, the comment posts as normal, with no intervention from the user or administrator.

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WordPress Plugin: Theopedia Links

If you use Theopedia, the encyclopedia for Christian terms, this plugin will auto link keywords found in the encyclopedia.

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Bush2004 WordPress Blog

The Bush2004 campaign website has switched to WordPress. Congratulations Matt & Co.

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WordPress Plugin: This Day In…

This plugin lets WP bloggers add a link to posts from any number of weeks, months, pr years ago. Kind of a this day in history…

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Merge RSS and Atom?

A proposal from Dave Winer, would it be reasonable to merge Atom and RSS, much the way we merged scriptingNews format with RSS between 0.90 and 0.91?

Categories: Blogging News, QuickLinks

News on Demand reviews RSS readers.

Categories: Blogging News, QuickLinks

WordPress Plugin: Condensed Content for Date and Category Archives

With this plugin, archives only display the first 30 words of an entry in order to prevent large date or category archive pages.

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WordPress Hack: Adding Static Pages

This is a very easy way to add static pages to your WordPress installation.

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Bad Blog Trends

One authors response to a discussion going on at the WordPress support forums about “Bad Blog Trends”.

Categories: Blogging Sense

WordPress QuickTags

Here’s a list of WP QuickTags and an explanation of what they do.

Categories: QuickLinks, WordPress Tips

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