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Disable WP’s wpTexturize Inline

Markku Seguerra has a short tutorial on disabling wptexturize() formatting for an inline sentence or phrase. If you need to disable wptexturize for an entire post then you can install wp-unformatted plugin from Alex King which allow you to disable auto-formatting and/or auto-smart-quote conversion.

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WordPress Bug Tracking

WordPress has a new bug tracking system.

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Ping-O-Matic – Over 1 Million Served!

Ping-O-Matic has sent between 1.25 and 1.5 Million pings since they launched 7 weeks ago. Nice job Matt Mullenweg and company.

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WordPress Plugin: Spell Check

Spell Check is a server-side spell checker that marks unrecognized words in ‘Post Preview’. For this plugin to work you must have pspell support for PHP which does not come installed by default. Although I just checked my control panel and I have pspell installed already??

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WordPress Hack: Archives Dropdown Menu

Create a dropdown archives menu using this code example found on the WP support forums.

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WordPress Plugin: Language Picker

Here’s a plugin for WP that allows you to display posts in different languages based on visitor preference.

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Weblogs and Wikis

Krzysztof Kowalczyk argument for including a tightly integrated Wiki with WordPress.

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WordPress Plugins: Staticize Plugin

This Plugin for WordPress caches your pages to increase speed and use less resources. Basically, it writes a copy of the page to a file and as long as the page doesn’t change no additional queries are made to the database. Found via Matt.

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Comprehensive Review Of RSS Feed Readers

There’s a comprehensive article in on RSS readers.

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New UI For The WP Admin Area

If you would like to experiment with a new admin UI for WP and are adventurous follow along with Chris J. Davis as he goes on a quest to reinvent the admin area.

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