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Blogs, journalism: Different factions of the write wing – Blogs, journalism: Different factions of the write wing.

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Bloggers Versus Journalists

Bloggers versus journalists.

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WordPress Plugin: Breadcrumb

This plugin shows a hierarchy of your current location. Helps keep visitors oriented while digging deep with your blog.

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Create your own Custom Theme

The Bloggia Theme Generator allows you to create a custom template for your weblog. After choosing your preferred layout, you just choose colors and fonts to create your own design.

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WordPress Plugin: Image Browser

This plugin adds an “Insert Image” button to the the edit screen which opens an image browser in a popup window to select from all previously uploaded images and add the appropriate code to the post.

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WordPress Tutorial: Writing a WordPress Plugin:Part I

Here’s a tutorial for writing a WordPress plugin for all you wannabe plugin authors.

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The Ultimate Blog Directory

The latest blog directory listing Blogs from all around the World.

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WordPress Plugin: WP Plugin Installer!

This plugin is a WP Plugin Installer script.

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WordPress Tutorial: WordPress as CMS

This article explains how to use WordPress as a CMS.

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WordPress File: SMS-wp-mail v2

Alternative wp-mail.php that will correctly gets more than one message when run, munging of the timezone is now accounted for, handles SMS to email gateway mails properly and post slugs are added to email posts.

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