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WordPress Tutorial: WordPress as CMS

This article explains how to use WordPress as a CMS.

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  1. John says: 8/13/2004

    The “article” link yields a 404.

  2. John says: 8/13/2004

    Yeah, here’s his message, “The sites hosted on this machine are temporarily unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance, we should be back up shortly.”

  3. jennifer says: 8/16/2004

    Any idea where this article is now? The site is back up but the post appears to be gone…? I’m working with someone who’s using this hack, but I can’t figure out what it was supposed to be doing. (It seems to be causing some weird problems)

  4. John says: 8/17/2004

    It’s working now. It looks like he was having some server issues.

  5. booiiing says: 8/27/2004

    i get a timeout on the server and googles cache won’t help me much :(

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