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WordPress Plugin: IP to Nation

This plugin guesses your visitor’s country from his IP and can display the appropriate flag. Great for use in comments.

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WordPress Plugin: WP-keitai-mail

It’s not technically a plugin, nor a hack, rather a standalone script that interfaces with WP to let you post entries to your blog via Email.

A quick roundabouts of the current features:

  • Works as a script executed on email reception (unlike WP’s built-in feature), which means you do not have to run a cron job and your posts appear instantaneously on your blog.
  • Handles jpeg pictures, will automatically create a thumbnail if they are too big and insert all necessary code in your post.
  • Can be run on a separate machine from your WP install: it uses xmlrpc to post the entry and can be set to use ftp to upload the picture files.
  • Can handle as many blogs and authors as you want. For each email account you can customize any aspect of the posts (image formatting, posting category etc). For example, you can easily set up the script to let 5 authors post to your blog with each one under a different category.

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WordPress Reference Centre

A new website dedicated to everything WordPress.

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WordPress Plugin: Dumb Comments

Dumb Comments Link is a plugin for WordPress. If comments are open, show a link. If comments are closed show plain text. Also add a talk bubble with the use of CSS styling.

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WordPress Plugin: Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist. Pull random items from your personal Amazon wishlist.

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WordPress Plugin: PayPal Shopping Cart

This WP plugin prints PayPal “add to cart” and “view cart” buttons, so you can use WordPress to sell your wares. Uses Paypal’s shopping cart and you can customize the look and feel of the shopping cart a little from within your PayPal account using custom templates.

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WordPress Plugin: Faked-Folders

The Faked Folders plugin is designed to be the ultimate static posts plugin. It’s goals are to transparently display static pages to the end user while providing a a friendly administration interface to the author.

Categories: WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin: WpVersionControl

This WordPress plugin saves a copy of your post each time it’s edited or published, and then allows you to recover a previous state.

Categories: WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin: FuturePostInfo

This plugin allows you to easily display the date of the next post that is in the future and is published, and the number of posts in the future that are marked as published.

Categories: WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin: PluginsUsedPlugin

This plugin allows you to easily display a list of the plugins that you use, along with a link to their plugin URLs.

Categories: WordPress Plugins


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