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WordPress Plugin: Word Statistics

The primary purpose of this plugin is to show readability statistics about the post currently being edited. It does this by modifying the post editing screen to show a brief line of statistics beneath the quicktags bar.

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  1. Joe says: 9/1/2004

    Do you know of an RSS Aggregator plugin for WordPress that is simple to install and set up? The only one I could find requires you to do some stuff with the “command line”, whatever that is. I just need a nice simple add-in that I can drop in that will ping a list of RSS feeds on an automatic time interval, bring the content into my WordPress blog, and generate a new post for each new post found in my list of RSS feeds. Does this exist for WordPress? If not, does it exist anywhere else? I saw something similar for Drupal, but it was all command line mumbo jumbo as well.

    Thanks for your help,


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