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WordPress Multiuser

WordPress MU is multi-user version of the famous WordPress blogging application.

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  1. Tyrone says: 10/5/2004

    I recall this being mentioned in the wordpress forums but never gave it much thought. I gave it another look today and I noticed one of the features was “The Smarty templating engine.”

    This would be an impressive addition. I think wordpress may end up being the only blogging tool using smarty. This may not be useful for the majority of users, considering the complexity of smarty, but for certain sites using smarty to power most or all of their pages, it would be easier to merge wordpress along with the templating workflow across the site.

    Too bad there’s no ETA on this.

  2. John says: 10/5/2004

    You are absolutely correct about the Smarty Templates. They are not for the average user as they are difficult to use.

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