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WordPress Tutorial: Posting pop-up images

This tutorial will show you how to include a thumbnail image in your blog post that, when clicked, will generate a pop-up window that will automagically resize itself to the dimensions of your original image.

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WordPress Plugin: Profanity Filter

This is a plugin that prevents certain language (profanity) from appearing in comments. It’s customizable to allow any type of word replacement that you want.

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WordPress plugins at

Useful WordPress plugins located at

Auto-hyperlink URLs
Category Image(s)
Customizable Post Listings
Get Custom Field Values
Hide or Cut Post Text
Random File
Text Replace
Top/Recent Commenters

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WordPress Customization Guide for Newbies

How do you take a spanking-new WordPress installation and turn it into your own, customized blog? How do you add plugins and templates to the blog? How can you brand your blog, make your WordPress stand out from the millions of others?

WordPress Customization Guide for Newbies

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WordPress Plugin: My Post Teaser

This plugin generates a preview or “teaser” of a post for the main, archive and category pages, with a link underneath to go to the full post page. It includes features to generate a word count, image count, and an estimated reading time. The estimated reading time code is adapted from the Time2Read plugin by eleZeta.

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WordPress Hack: New anti-spam trick

This anti-spam hack checks to see if the commenter’s IP address is on a list of known open proxies (mostly used by email spammers, but recently by comment-spammers as well). If so the spammer will not be able to post comments.

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