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WordPress Hack: Rename wp-admin

There are security risks to using a well known application using the default install configuration. All of the files and directories are named the same for mine, yours and everybody else. A hacker knows exactly where to reach your login page to try to get into your admin panel. This script will ask you for a new name to give to your wp-admin folder and will automate the process of changing associated files and folders.

I didn’t look hard enough to see if your WP version mattered and also there is no replacement for using a smart login name and password.

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Why There’s No Escaping the Blog

Nice article from Fortune magazine – Why There’s No Escaping the Blog.

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How To Blog For Fun & Profit!

How To Write A Blog – 6 Simple Rules.

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WordPress Hack: Email to blog from Thunderbird

This hack of wp-mail.php corrects problems that prevented Thunderbird users from blogging from their email application.

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WordPress Plugin: Favicon Revised

Favicon Revised adds the Favicon of the commenters website next to the commenters name when displayed in your comments section. The plugin attempts to auto-discover the favicon URL by downloading the webpage at the users URL.

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Steps To Turn A Blog Into An Industry Mecca

MicroStartups, for publishers blogger makes them easy.

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WordPress Plugin: wp-hashcash

Plugin by Matt Mullenweg which is an adaptation of the Spam Stopgap Extreme plugin by Elliott Back, this is mostly a cleanup. This has comment submitters compute a special code using javascript before their comment is submitted. Very effective at blocking spambots and not noticable for commenters. XHTML 1.1 compliant.

Also notice the new WordPress Plugin Repository.

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WordPress Plugin: Suggest

You’ve heard of Google Suggest, right? This plugin adds the same technology to your WordPress installation. Whenever you type a character in the search field of your blog site, suggestions will be presented. You can select these suggestions and hit enter, to execute a search request.

I have added it to my personal website and it works fairly well but there are a few problems. This is an early version and I’m excited to see where it goes.

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New Blogging Pro Look

I have upgraded Blogging Pro to the latest nightly, 1.5 which is an alpha version. I also added the Conestogastreet theme by Theron Parlin. The theme manager in 1.5 is absolutely awesome. There are still some changes that need to be made but I’ll take care of those later next week.

It looks like the feed links have changed so for those that follow Blogging Pro via RSS you’ll need to update your links. I did create a redirect on my server so the old URL will work but please make the change as I can’t guarantee that redirect will stay around forever.

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WordPress Theme: Mallow

WordPress 1.3 theme named Mallow

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