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New Blogging Pro Look

I have upgraded Blogging Pro to the latest nightly, 1.5 which is an alpha version. I also added the Conestogastreet theme by Theron Parlin. The theme manager in 1.5 is absolutely awesome. There are still some changes that need to be made but I’ll take care of those later next week.

It looks like the feed links have changed so for those that follow Blogging Pro via RSS you’ll need to update your links. I did create a redirect on my server so the old URL will work but please make the change as I can’t guarantee that redirect will stay around forever.

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  1. Paul Hoch says: 12/26/2004

    Wow! It really looks fantastic. This is a great theme!

  2. John says: 12/26/2004

    Yeah, I thought so too. Very simple and easy to read. A blog like Blogging Pro is really just a data collection center and so I figured it needs to be simple and Conestogastreet fulfills that requirement.

  3. Ray says: 12/26/2004

    Much better. Much easier on the eyes and much easier to read. Kudos on the good theme choice.

  4. Alderete says: 12/27/2004

    For the changed RSS fields, if you configure your server to serve the redirect as a Permanent Redirect (HTTP response code 301), many RSS readers will automatically update their subscription info.

    If you’re using mod_rewrite, your redirect rule should look something like this:

    RewriteRule ^blog-rss20\.xml$ /feed/rss2/ [R=301,L]

    If you’re using something else, look for information about how to make the redirect permanent.

    Great new look!

  5. John says: 12/27/2004

    Thanks Ray for the feedback. Alderete, I did set up my server to perform a permanent redirect. I didn’t know that a lot of RSS readers will automatically update the link, that’s pretty cool. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Gudlyf says: 12/27/2004

    Wait…”1.5″?! I thought I was just waiting for 1.3 to be released!

  7. John says: 12/27/2004

    Well, 1.5 is an alpha version and is not really meant to be used on a “live” site but as you can see it works pretty well. I believe 1.2.2 is the latest stable release.

  8. Matt says: 12/28/2004

    Looking good. :)

  9. Uncino says: 12/28/2004

    I’m agree with you whan you say Very simple and easy to read.
    It’s really a good theme.

  10. Earle says: 12/29/2004

    The new them looks great. I love the white-space.