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WordPress Hack: Rename wp-admin

There are security risks to using a well known application using the default install configuration. All of the files and directories are named the same for mine, yours and everybody else. A hacker knows exactly where to reach your login page to try to get into your admin panel. This script will ask you for a new name to give to your wp-admin folder and will automate the process of changing associated files and folders.

I didn’t look hard enough to see if your WP version mattered and also there is no replacement for using a smart login name and password.

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  1. JD says: 12/30/2004

    Yes, your WP version does matter as I am supplying the list of files which needs to be replaced. Currently the script works only wiht version 1.2.2


  2. John says: 12/30/2004

    Ok, thanks JD for the heads up.

  3. Carthik says: 12/31/2004

    It might break a few plugins and hacks, I think.

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