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WordPress Theme: Old Train

Old Train WordPress 1.3 theme features a Parisian Subway and trains in an old fashioned style.

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WordPress Tutorials: Skinning WordPress

Step-by-step guide to skinning WordPress.

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Advertising on Blogs

Some thoughts on Advertising on Blogs

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Lists

WpLists is a WordPress plugin which facilitates the use and management of lists directly from the WordPress Administrative User Interface. This means you can create a list of anything you want and then add, edit or update that list anyway you please from one centralized location.

Found via Photo Matt

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WordPress Theme: Manji

Manji is a free and open source theme for wordpress 1.3.

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WordPress Theme: Conestoga Street

Conestoga Street is a very minimal WordPress 1.3 theme.

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10 Things We Learned About Blogs

Time Magazine article titled 10 Things We Learned About Blogs.

Radio had its golden age in the 1930s. In the 1950s, it was television’s turn. Historians may well date the golden age of the blog from 2004-when’s most searched-for definition was blog. How long can it last? Who knows? Here’s what we discovered about the new medium this year

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WordPress Plugin: Geo Plugin

This plugin restores the geographic location functionality that was removed from WordPress. It adds the additional ability to specify preset locations.

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WordPress Tools: WordPress Codex

The official documentation web site for WordPress, written and maintained by users.

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WordPress Tips: WordPress RSS bandwidth fixes

WordPress RSS bandwidth fixes in 1.2, 1.2.1, and 1.2.2.

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