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WordPress Themes: Simplicity 0.11 and Simplity 0.1

Two new WordPress 1.5 themes from The Life of Me.

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Six Apart Redesign Coming

Later this week Six Apart will be unveiling a new redesign of the various Six Apart websites (Movable Type, TypePad and Six Apart corporate site). The changes made will apparently convey their desire to present all of Six Apart’s websites in a cohesive and standard way.

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Best RSS Feed Reader?

I’m looking for a Windows based RSS feed reader. I have been using Bloglines for awhile but I think I want to switch to a Windows version. I have so many syndicated feeds that Bloglines has become too slow.

I have tried Feedreader, but it is too slow in updating the feeds. I have had it running for 60 minutes and it’s only on the “D’s”. I also tried BlogExpress and it seemed to work pretty fast and it has a nice layout with a good feel to it. But, it is .net based and clicking on a URL brings up IE and I use Firefox as my default browser. There is no way to change the settings in BlogExpress.

I really like Sauce Reader but it is only in beta and it so slow loading and moving from category to category that it drives me crazy. The nice thing I liked about Sauce Reader was it had one click blogging from any article I was reading using WordPress. I also liked the feed auto-discovery feature of Sauce Reader. Very cool, but too slow. I will have to wait until it’s better developed.

My question now is, what else is out there? Any good readers that are fast, can handle over a 1,000 subscriptions, looks good, is Windows based, and has a “Blog This” feature?

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SEO and Blogger

Search Engine News Journal has a 4-part article on search engine optimization for users of Blogger, Googles free blog hosting company. Much of the advice applies to users of other blogging platforms too.

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WordPress Plugin: Khanh’s Content Adder

Khanh’s Content Adder provides an easy way to add an extra button to the Admin Panel or Quicktag toolbar without editing the core WordPress files. You can add HTML/Javascript anywhere there’s an ID attribute defined. Configuration is easy: Just upload and activate the plugin. Add a static page post with the content desired and you’re done.

KCA has only been tested on version WordPress 1.5-beta-1 2005-01-08, but should work fine most versions.

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RSS Traffic Tracking Help is On The Way?

One of the problems with RSS feeds is you never know how many people are subscribed to your feed. How To Blog For Fun & Profit has a nice run down of the available options to track RSS traffic. I’m not really interested in any of the available option at this point.  I would like to see something I can add to my server to wrap my feed URL in and track results. I hate relying on a third party.

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WordPress Plugin: W-P

W-P is a WordPress plugin that fixes typical mistypes of the word WordPress in posts and comments. So if you accidentally write it as WordPress, or wordpress, or even WoRdPrEsS, it sets things right.

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WordPress Plugin: Next-Previous IMG

This plugin provides a replacement to the two built-in WordPress template tag functions:


These provide text links to the next or previous post when navigating individual posts on a weblog. Next-Previous Post IMG lets you use images for those links.

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WordPress Category Feeds!

Locating the URL for your category feeds is not always the easiest thing to do with WordPress. TangognaT points out that it’s as simple as adding a ?cat=# of category to the base url for any wordpress feed. So if you wanted to display the RSS feed for category 3, the feed URL would be You can also use wp-atom.php?cat=3.

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Blogs Mean Business

Thinking about blogging? Here’s a new site that makes this all as easy as 1, 2, 3 – it’s called Ready, Set, Blog and it’s from Mindsay, a blogging platform. They even have a blog on blogging.

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