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Killing Referrer Spam

I found this tutorial on how to kill referrer spam. For most sites it’s not a big deal unless you display your referrals on your page somewhere. The one thing about referral spam that does bother me is the bandwidth that’s used to constantly hit my site with fake referrers. So if you want to end this type of spam and have access to your .htaccess file, this method should work for you.

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  1. marlyse says: 1/26/2005

    Tried that a week ago but only managed to have my site no longer accessible. Tried it to the letter, ensuring no false empty spaces or lines etc. I wonder if there are servers which need something coded different?

  2. ColdForged says: 1/26/2005

    Note, marlyse, that the method in the linked tutorial didn’t work for me, either. It didn’t diddle my site, it simply didn’t work (my Apache installation apparently doesn’t have the required functionality). The post to my site linked in the hat tip (thanks, by the way) describes my method which may work better for you.

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