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WordPress Category Feeds!

Locating the URL for your category feeds is not always the easiest thing to do with WordPress. TangognaT points out that it’s as simple as adding a ?cat=# of category to the base url for any wordpress feed. So if you wanted to display the RSS feed for category 3, the feed URL would be You can also use wp-atom.php?cat=3.

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  1. Dougal Campbell says: 1/28/2005

    Or, if you’re using nice permalinks in WP 1.5 (currently in beta), just append “/feed/rss2″ to your category URI, like so:

  2. Ryan Boren says: 1/28/2005

    In 1.5, any WP query can be turned into a feed by appending feed=rss2 (or feed=atom, etc.). Ex:
    WordPress Tips – Query String Style

    If you are using permalinks, append /feed/rss2 or /feed/atom to any permalink. Ex:

    WordPress Tips – Permalink Style

  3. John says: 1/28/2005

    Thanks for the tip Ryan.

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