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RSS Traffic Tracking Help is On The Way?

One of the problems with RSS feeds is you never know how many people are subscribed to your feed. How To Blog For Fun & Profit has a nice run down of the available options to track RSS traffic. I’m not really interested in any of the available option at this point.  I would like to see something I can add to my server to wrap my feed URL in and track results. I hate relying on a third party.

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  1. Stephen VanDyke says: 1/28/2005

    I’m actually a really big fan of FeedBurner and have been using it since it was alpha. Normally I like to keep an iron grip on my content, but in things such as stats, 3rd party is usually more feature laden than open source.

    Now I’m just waiting for a realistic implementation of RSS ads so that I can actually get revenue from my RSS in the same way I get it from my site.

  2. John says: 1/28/2005

    Maybe I’ll have to give FeedBurner a try until another solution comes along.

    Advertising in syndicated feeds is something I’m keeping a close eye on. I think it’s going to happen, and sooner rather then later. I wouldn’t mind seeing Google ads in feeds.

    I think Google will come up with something shortly.

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