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Best RSS Feed Reader?

I’m looking for a Windows based RSS feed reader. I have been using Bloglines for awhile but I think I want to switch to a Windows version. I have so many syndicated feeds that Bloglines has become too slow.

I have tried Feedreader, but it is too slow in updating the feeds. I have had it running for 60 minutes and it’s only on the “D’s”. I also tried BlogExpress and it seemed to work pretty fast and it has a nice layout with a good feel to it. But, it is .net based and clicking on a URL brings up IE and I use Firefox as my default browser. There is no way to change the settings in BlogExpress.

I really like Sauce Reader but it is only in beta and it so slow loading and moving from category to category that it drives me crazy. The nice thing I liked about Sauce Reader was it had one click blogging from any article I was reading using WordPress. I also liked the feed auto-discovery feature of Sauce Reader. Very cool, but too slow. I will have to wait until it’s better developed.

My question now is, what else is out there? Any good readers that are fast, can handle over a 1,000 subscriptions, looks good, is Windows based, and has a “Blog This” feature?

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  1. Dan Bowling says: 1/30/2005

    I use FeedDemon, it is amazing. I notice it updates pretty quick (after you change the settings to allow it to update more blogs at once.) It even has the option to make firefox an internal browser within the program (or externally)

  2. John says: 1/30/2005

    I looked at FeedDemon although I haven’t used yet. I didn’t see that FeedDemon had any different features than a lot of the free readers. I’ll try the trial version and see.

  3. Aguafuertes says: 1/30/2005

    RSSOwl is my reader of choice. Reached 1.0 status just recently and was Sourceforge project of the month. Never had any performance problems, but then I might not have as many feeds as you do. There is a “Blog News” feature (which I have never used), so give it a try.

    Good thing is that the developer is very fast and always open for new feature proposals.

  4. Brandon says: 1/30/2005

    I only have about 100-150 feeds, so I don’t know if it’ll work for you, but I use Feed On Feeds. It’s a centralized web-based reader, so you can get to it from many computers and not worry about re-reading articles, and such.

  5. John says: 1/30/2005

    Thanks Aguafuertes. I am downloading RSSOwl now. The interface looks nice.

    Brandon, I’m going to try to stay away from web based aggregators. I have a fast connection to the Internet but Firefox seems slow to handle pages with lots of data on it.

  6. Adam says: 1/30/2005

    I have echo the comments of the previous poster who suggested FeedDemon – It really is great software. It now features podcast support, it features an extensible newpaper viewing format, and it it fast. The author is responsive and the software has an active user community. Use the demo for 30 days and see what you think.


  7. Paul2 says: 1/30/2005

    I use sharpreader, and haven’t found any problems with it. I haven’t tried RSSOwl or FeedDemon though, so I dunno how they stack up…

  8. Tris Hussey says: 1/30/2005

    I have two suggestions. Sage, the extension for Firefox, which I used for a long time. And Lektora from Although it works within the browser it isn’t web-based and, I found out recently, does great offline too (everything is cached in GZIP files). I’ve written a couple reviews of it on my site recently.

  9. Marc says: 1/30/2005

    After using Sharpreader for at least a year, I recently switched to bloglines. The only drawback on bloglines for me, of any note, is that it only checks URLs once an hour. I switched because I got tired of syncing in my mind what I’d read on a feed reader at work and what I’d read at home. Anyhow, give sharpreader a try.

  10. Robert says: 1/30/2005

    at first i used the feedreader but now i´m using thunderbird and it´s a good alternative.

  11. Dave M. says: 1/30/2005

    Do any of the mentioned desktop readers have a way of storing the read messages centrally so that if you read from the office, you won’t be re-reading the same entries when you get home?

    That would be ideal.

  12. Kevin Haryett says: 1/30/2005

    I use RSS Bandit. It works well and has a lot of choices on updating your feeds.

  13. André says: 1/30/2005

    I can recommend SharpReader and RSS Bandit.

  14. Teja says: 1/30/2005

    Thanks for notifying me of RSSOwl Aguafuertes,

    When I’m on Linux, I use Liferea but I wanted something else and I’ve tried one other, but I wasn’t at all happy with it.

    So I will give a try with RSSOwl (first on windows then on linux)

    I currently use FeedDemon on Windows btw and with around 50 feeds (yes not many at all!) I’m happy with it, and of course on linux I’m with Liferea.

    I was also going to give Akregator (Linux only) a try but I will try Owl first

  15. Tris Hussey says: 1/30/2005

    On the question about about syncing. The only one I know of is NewsGator for Outlook. It let’s you sync with the online version, and I think between machines.

    I also have to comment on system resources. I only have 380 feeds I check, not 1000, but even still aggregators that automatically download can really sap system and bandwidth resources. That’s one reason I like Lektora and Sage. You have to proactively tell them to check.

  16. Eric Rines says: 1/30/2005

    I use Feeddemon as well and love it. I’m an extremely satisfied customer and am happy Nick B. makes such amazing software!

  17. Aguafuertes says: 1/31/2005

    John, let me know whether RSSOwl did make it for you or not. I like the programm and have been suggesting it to some friends, but no one ever had such a heavy load to manage. Really interests me …

  18. Mark says: 1/31/2005

    I used amphetadesk, then FeedDeamon, then I found Blogmatrix’s Jaeger. Jaeger is a bit of an odd beast, but I’ve tried several things since (Omea most recently, also newsgator) and I keep coming back to Jaeger.

  19. Markus says: 1/31/2005

    I’m using Newzcrawler for both RSSfeeds and usenet. Has built in ‘Blog This’ too.

  20. Phillip Renouf says: 1/31/2005

    RSS Bandit is what I use. It is a great little program that is quick and has lots of great features.

    One of the greatest features is being able to upload your blog list to an FTP server so you can blog at work and at home without having to re-read items.

  21. Alex Dutulescu says: 2/2/2005

    This the best I’ve tried.

    Have a loot at

  22. StickyC says: 2/3/2005

    How many subscriptions do you have anyhow? I’ve got about a thousand subscriptions and have no issues with Bloglines. They’re all organized into folders, however.

  23. John says: 2/3/2005

    I have about 1,200. The problem with Bloglines and Firefox is it takes too long for the page to load. Especially if I edit or delete a subscription.

    I’m trying out Newz Crawler right now and so far I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll write more later.

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