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WordPress Theme: Trident

Here’s a simple 3-column WordPress 1.5 theme called Trident.


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Blogging In The News

Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

…the blogosphere has evolved into a sphere of memes and ideas that are constantly shaped by the millions of web users who write, read and comment on blogs. In a sense, it operates in a similar fashion to open-source code, where a loose confederation of programmers tinkers with software, adding to it and sharing contributions with anyone who is interested.

Scoop! Google is About to unveil a completely revamped AdWords/AdSense program to counter inroads from competitors such as Kanoodle.

about 1800 Google marketing people from its offices around the world are at an internal sales conference at a secret location in San Francisco, being briefed on a completely revamped Google AdWords/AdSense program and other new features.

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Radiant Marketing Group: Bloggers as Gisters

Radiant Marketing Group says Tris Hussey, himself a professional blogger par excellance, has coined a new term for those who blog for a living. He calls them (us) “gisters,” which he says comes from the novel Digital Fortress.

Also, Radiant Marketing Group has already implemented the nofollow attribute in their comments.

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Responding To A Blog Attack

How does a company respond when they are attacked by a blog?

Smart companies are monitoring the blog traffic. Many of them, of course, are creating blogs of their own. But the question of how to respond to blogs is going to be so vital, I believe, that it will give birth to an entire new branch of corporate consulting. These blog consultants, increasingly, will be battling with the entrenched p.r. departments for control over the corporate message.

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Call for a Web 2.0 Spam Squashing Summit

Visit here if you’re interested in being involved in the Web 2.0 Spam Squashing Summit to work on squashing out comment, link, tag, photo, and other types of spam.

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Tags

This plugin creates a dynamic categorization system like the tagging capabilities of both and Flickr.

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Yahoo To Acquire Six Apart?

I sure am seeing a lot of rumors floating around the blogosphere about Yahoo purchasing SixApart.

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U.S. Reporters Turn to Bloggers

While Iraq’s many newspapers get little notice in the American media, the country’s citizen bloggers are drawing increased attention, as reporters in the United States try to gauge views within that country during the lead-up to this month’s elections. One reason for the interest: Many of the Iraqi bloggers’ postings are written in English, unlike the commentary in local newspapers.

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Blog Comment Spam: Give Up Now

Some more reasons why the nofollow attribute will not stop comment spam.

Er, has everyone forgotten the lessons we have learned in the past ten years about Usenet and email spam? Those communities have already implemented much more powerful technologies, and the level of spam keeps increasing. The blog world is immune from this reality for what reason…? Fact: anything spammers can do to automate their activities, they will do so aggressively. Quite frankly, even if they never got a drop of “Google juice” for comment spamming, they would continue to run the spambots just for the people who read the comments. Why should they not?

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rel = “nofollow” Will Not Prevent Comment Spam

I agree with Dylan Greene. He predicts that the new tag attribute will not prevent comment spam because of the following issues:

1. The text of the spam messages will still be indexed by search engines.
2. Humans will still see the the spam messages.
3. Humans will still be able to follow the spam links.
4. Most importantly: Spammers can still post spam messages.

I think the new tag will help with comment spam but ultimately filters will still be needed to keep spammers away.

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