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RSS Advertising: Interview With Bill Flitter,

From Lockergnome’s RSS & Atom Tips:

I think RSS advertising for you and I is just around the corner. It could start with Google releasing RSS enabled Adsense code or another major player moving in to make it easy for the average blogger to add content-targeted RSS advertising to their blog. Marketing Studies has an audio Interview with Bill Flitter of, one of the leading people in the RSS marketing industry. Topics include:

  1. Different ad placements within RSS feeds.
  2. Best RSS advertising strategies and best RSS advertising practices.
  3. How to make RSS advertising user-friendly, get best results, not lose readers and keep advertisers happy?
  4. RSS advertisement targeting.
  5. What’s happening with RSS feeds that are already doing advertising in their feeds? Are they losing readership?
  6. The role of RSS metrics in RSS advertising and how RSS metrics actually work.
  7. Use RSS for lead-generation.
  8. How much RSS advertising costs?
  9. How much can RSS publishers get from RSS advertising and how they can start publishing ads in their RSS feeds?
  10. Emerging RSS ad standards.
  11. Can RSS become infested with spam?

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WordPress Plugin: Flickr Badge

This plugin allows you to display a flickr style badge (for a tag, user or group pool) on your WordPress site. It uses MagpieRSS to parse the RSS feed and display the images. The plugin can also cache the images locally and display image title tags.

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WordPress Theme: Stuttering

Stuttering WordPress 1.5 theme.

stuttering wordpress themes

Image courtesy of Nathaniel Stern

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Blog Commenting Etiquette?

Blog commenting etiquette by How To Blog For Fun & Profit!

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WordPress Plugin: XBEL

The XBEL WP Plugin is a WordPress plugin, for displaying XBEL XML bookmark files created by the Bookmark Synchronizer extension for the Firefox web browser, or other XBEL exporting programs.

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Scond Annual WordPress Design Contest

Alex King has announced the second annual WordPress design contest. All entries are due by March 25, 2005, and is limited to WordPress 1.5 themes only. Alex has created a blog specifically for the competition.

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WordPress Theme: Spirit

Spirit is a colorful theme for WordPress 1.5.

Spirit theme for Word Press 1.5

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WordPress Theme: Angel

Angel is a fixed 2-column layout much like the default WP’s layout.

Angel theme for WordPress

Image courtesy of WP Themes @ Coffee Stained

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WordPress Plugin: Flickr Insert

Here’s another WordPress-Flickr plugin that is basically the same as Flickr Tags but the behavior is completely different. Instead of placing the photos from Flickr in the post when the post is displayed, the plugin now does the same when the post is published or updated. It also retrieves thumbnails from Flickr and stores them on your own server, so later, when the post is displayed, thumbnails are taken directly from your server.

This could really increase speed if you’re using a lot of Flickr photos.

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WordPress Theme: Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a very simple and clean style based on mixed blues.

Alice Blue WordPress 1.5 theme

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