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False Referrer Spamming

I’ve received quite a few comments from visitors who came to Blogging Pro from the WordPress Dashboard and received a message that they were spamming. I’m sorry about that. I’m using Referrer Karma to control referral spammers but apparently it’s not quite ready for prime time. I have disabled it until I can get it worked out.

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  1. MacManX says: 2/24/2005

    Make use of your whitelist.txt. For example, adding /wp-admin/ to the whitelist will allow anyone coming from their Dashboard to visit your blog without RK’s intervention. Dr. Dave goes into a little bit of detail on that in this comment:

  2. goneaway says: 2/25/2005

    The nice part about that is that at least it provides a clickable URL to the droid you were looking for. Although it does add an extra step to the process of getting from the Dashboard to here it isn’t unreasonable. Thanks for fixing it though.

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