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RSS Advertising: Interview With Bill Flitter,

From Lockergnome’s RSS & Atom Tips:

I think RSS advertising for you and I is just around the corner. It could start with Google releasing RSS enabled Adsense code or another major player moving in to make it easy for the average blogger to add content-targeted RSS advertising to their blog. Marketing Studies has an audio Interview with Bill Flitter of, one of the leading people in the RSS marketing industry. Topics include:

  1. Different ad placements within RSS feeds.
  2. Best RSS advertising strategies and best RSS advertising practices.
  3. How to make RSS advertising user-friendly, get best results, not lose readers and keep advertisers happy?
  4. RSS advertisement targeting.
  5. What’s happening with RSS feeds that are already doing advertising in their feeds? Are they losing readership?
  6. The role of RSS metrics in RSS advertising and how RSS metrics actually work.
  7. Use RSS for lead-generation.
  8. How much RSS advertising costs?
  9. How much can RSS publishers get from RSS advertising and how they can start publishing ads in their RSS feeds?
  10. Emerging RSS ad standards.
  11. Can RSS become infested with spam?

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  1. Bill Flitter says: 2/28/2005

    Thanks for mentioning the intereview. Much appreciated.

  2. Marc says: 3/1/2005

    RSS ads have already started – almost.

    I signed up for Blogmine. It is advertised to insert ads in entries and blog RSS feeds. Being a new service their are problems. The ads inserted allow no modification, i.e. they show on every entry and you cannot change the frequency. Also however they insert the ads into your feed crashes the feed. The service is supposed to be working the problem so at the moment it is wait and see.

    You can view the results at my blog: Cranial Cavity

  3. John says: 3/1/2005

    Yeah, I signed up for Blogmine too and as you can see I am not using them. They don’t have an admin panel to see site statistics which worries me because I have no idea what my site is producing for them. They also do not have a way to limit the number of ads so every post has an ad including every post in an RSS feed. That’s too much.

    I wrote them and asked about these very things and never received a reply so I went with BrightAds by Kanoodle.

    I haven’t looked at Kanoodle very much as my application was just approved today, so we’ll see.