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WordPress Plugin: Yahoo/MSN Messenger Style Smileys

This plugin lets you use Yahoo! Messenger or MSN Messenger style smileys on your post, excerpts and comments. It replaces the built in WordPress smilies.

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WordPress Themes: Grubby Slipcovers

Entropy has a cool looking WordPress 1.5 theme called Grubby Slipcovers.

Grubby Slipcovers WordPress 1.5 theme

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Limit Number Of Posts With WordPress

Justin Blanton shows how to limit the number of posts that are displayed on the index page of your WordPress 1.5 blog. You can set the Show At Most option but that is for all pages including archives.

Limit Number Of Posts With WordPress

One of the first things I noticed when I started to setup WordPress was that there was no way to control the number of posts displayed on the index page from the admin panel. Yes, there is the “Show at most” option, but this is a site-wide variable and works to treat all of your pages the same.

To limit the number of posts on your index page while allowing all other pages to look to the “Show at most” setting, check out Justin’s hack.

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WordPress Theme: Parishuddha

Parishuddha is a minimalist theme for WordPress 1.5.

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WordPress Plugin: Scrobbler

WP-Scrobbler is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 that shows a list of your recently played songs from your AudioScrobbler profile on your blog.

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WordPress Plugin: Jerome’s Keywords

Jerome’s Keywords Plugin is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 to tag your posts with relevant keywords. The plugin lets you to use these keywords in several ways:

  1. Automatically add them to your page header: e.g. <meta name=”keywords” content=”list of page keywords”>.
  2. Implements Technorati tags. Normally if you’re indexed with Technorati they’ll pick up only your categories as tags – this plugin allows all your keywords to show up in Technorati’s tag pages too.
  3. Integrates with WordPress’ search feature. Readers can click on a post’s keyword/tag link to see other posts with the same tag. It’s another simple but effective way of letting users find content that interests them.

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Referral Karma

I switched back on Referral Karma and added the WordPress Dashboard to the whitelist. If anyone has a problem please let me know.

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WordPress Backup Shell Script has a WordPress backup shell script for those seeking to backup their WordPress installations on a nightly basis. This includes the files and MySQL database.

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WordPress Theme: Elegant

A Passion for Puters has a new theme called Elegant.

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WordPress Themes: From Entropy

Entropy has four WordPress 1.5 themes:

1. Very Simple 1.5
2. Brushed Simple 1.5
3. Bright 1.5
4. Pinstripes 1.5

I couldn’t find any examples of the themes so you’re on your own.

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