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WordPress Themes: Bricks

Bricks is a 3-column layout theme for WordPress 1.5 brought to you by Coffee Stained.

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WordPress Plugin: Trencaspammers

Here’s yet another anti-spam plugin that ads a graphic generated number, which then needs to be read and copied into a text box to be able to post a comment.

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WordPress Plugin: TTLB Ecosystem Cache

The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem ranks sites based on incoming links & daily traffic, assigning a site a cute animal name based on their ranking.

Here’s a caching plugin for WordPress that grabs the content from the script for your site and then puts that content into a file. Then, every time your site is viewed after that, this plugin checks the file and if it’s not more than 24 hours old it just displays the contents of the file.

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WordPress Tools: Agitprop

Agitprop is a Mac OS X application for liberating your blog entries from Lifli Software’s iBlog application. iBlog (1.4.x and earlier) does not readily provide any form of export functionality that preserves all of your blog entry information, such as category, posting date, etc. Agitprop was written for the express purpose of migrating all of your blog entry information to the MovableType import file format so it can then be imported into MovableType, WordPress, etc. Additionally, Agitprop supports the Growl global notification system for Mac OS X, should you have it installed.

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WordPress Plugin: Calvin and Hobbes

This plugin provides a link to the strip of the day for Calvin and Hobbes at You can use it to display the link in your sidebar or wherever you prefer. Because the site is in Spanish, I had a hard time telling exactly what the plugin does, but it appears to capture the comic from and display it on a local page. I’m not sure of the copyright implications either.

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Lockergnome Reviews WordPress and Blogging

Blogging Software – Round 1

In this article, we’ll pit WordPress vs. Blogger. Each is great in its own way, but how do they differ?

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WordPress Plugin: PreFormatted

The PreFormatted plugin is meant to improve WordPress Fast Frontend.

PreFormatted is a plugin for WordPress 1.5 which changes the way WordPress stores and renders posts/comments. Normally this data is stored in the database as-is: whatever you type into the post/comment editing box is what gets saved. When WordPress displays that data, it’s passed through a series of filters which add basic markup (e.g. <p> and <br /> tags), “smart quotes” and other fun stuff. This means that the same data gets re-formatted every time a page is loaded.

PreFormatted re-arranges those filters to store the formatted data instead. Processing is only done once (when you create or edit a post/comment) so that page rendering is slightly faster. This isn’t a big speed increase by itself – the plugin is really intended to improve WPFF formatting.

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Spyware Snags Blogger Users

Yahoo! News – Spyware Snags Blogger Users

Dozens of blogs hosted by Google Inc.’s Blogger service can install programs that are widely considered to be spyware and adware onto visitors’ computers, warn users and spyware researchers. In many cases, users are discovering the offending sites as they browse among blogs through Blogger’s navigation bar.

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Bloggers’ Internet obsession

Here’s a good article from about blogging addiction and how in some cases blogging takes over peoples lives.

I daydream about the blog throughout the day. . . . I worry about it at night. I sometimes put as much energy into it as my job,’ said Sherman, 40, a self-employed marketing consultant in San Francisco who makes no money from her blog, Cooking With Amy (

There is a narcotic quality to it,’ said Anil Dash, a prominent 29-year-old San Francisco technology blogger ( The more you post, the more readers you get. It’s easy for people to get sucked into it.

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SteamedPenguin Design

SteamedPenguin Design has a new WordPress 1.5 theme called Steam. This is a variant of the Kubrick theme by Michael Heileman,

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