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WordPress Theme Competition Winners Announced

Alex King has announced the winners of the WordPress 1.5 Themes Competition. Congratulations to the Grand Poobah winner – Connections.

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WordPress Plugin: Customizable Comment Listings

Customizable Comment Listings will display recent comments, pingbacks, and/or trackbacks, as well as other comment listings using the comment and/or post information of your choosing in an easily customizable manner. You can narrow comment searches by specifying post IDs, comment types, and/or comment status, among other things.

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WordPress Plugin: No Duplicate Comments

No Duplicate Comments plugin prevents visitors from leaving duplicate comments/pingbacks/trackbacks to a post.

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WordPress Theme: Falling Dreams

This is the Falling Dreams Theme for version 1.5.

Template for WordPress 1.5 called Falling Dreams

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AXS and WordPress Integration Plugin (2.1)

AXS and WordPress Integration Plugin allows quick and easy integration with AXS. This plugin is for WordPress 1.5 or better. AXS is a free script to track hits to your web page and present them in usable graphs. You must have AXS already installed before you can use this plugin.

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Format Headline Title Tag To Attract Readers

Blog World has an article about attracting readers with your headline. One of the suggestions the author makes is in the way the <title> is used.

Take a look at the page titles on this site. Notice that the headline of the post comes before the name of the site. Thats deliberate. I added a WordPress plugin specifically to do that. Why? Because readers really don’t care what the name of the site is. They want to know what the post is about. The same is true for people who come across this page in a search engine.

That makes sense to me so I created a <title> tag that shows the name of the site and then the site description when on the home page, but when on a single article page, display the article title, then the site name. The author of this article used a plugin to accomplish this but all that is needed is some simple PHP and a slight hack.

First I created the <title> tag like so


Note: WordPress adds a space between < and ?php so be sure to eliminate that space when copying the above into your header.php or index.php.

This puts the name of the blog and then the description in the title tag when the visitor is on the home page. When a visitor goes to a single page the title of the article is first followed by the name of the blog. The only caveat I found is WordPress by default adds some formatting to the bloginfo(‘name’); tag which really should be left to the user to format so I went into templates-functions-general.php and on line 130 I changed
$sep = ‘»’, to $sep = ‘ ‘,

The above hack is not needed as Andy Skelton pointed out in the comments. I changed the <title> code below to reflect the change.

Now I have a <title> tag as the author suggests. I tried to follow the authors other suggestions in creating the headline for this article.

Update: I forgot about page.php and other template pages when creating the above title code. Here is the updated code


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WordPress Theme: Imhotep

Here’s a new theme for WordPress 1.5 called Imhotep. The header image was made with a camera set to 10 second exposure, then the author took a flashlight and wrote the word blog in the air. Pretty cool!

WordPress theme

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WordPress Plugin: Identify External Links

Identify External Links will add a special CSS class to all links in your entries and in your comments that go to external sites (sites other than your site).

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WordPress Plugin: The Enhanced Views Plugin

The The Enhanced Views Plugin replaces the original Posts and Pages functionality in the WordPress administration interface with new versions that include increased functionality, including:

  • Paging through posts with easy-to-use Next and Previous page links as well as links to individual page numbers.
  • Easily selectable number of posts per page.
  • Browsing by Category, Author, and Date.
  • Sorting by selectable columns.

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WordPress Plugin: Dynamic Text Replace

Dynamic Text Replace is a plugin for WordPres 1.5 which allows you to define your own custom dynamic text replacement pseudo-functions (i.e. ::google(“search terms here”)::)

Dynamic Text Replace allows you to easily pre-define text replacement template strings and allow for text to be passed in.

It comes preloaded with pseudo-functions that facilitate making links to:,,,,, and The beauty is that you can create your own very easily!

::amazon(“ASIN/ISBN goes here”, “What you want as the link text”)::
::answers(“dictionary word or search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::codex(“Use Custom Fields”, “Learn how to use custom fields”)::
::google(“Search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::imdb(“Search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::wikipedia(“Search terms here”, “Link text here”)::

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