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WordPress Theme: Gila

I’m releasing the Gila theme for WordPress 1.5. This is the theme currently in use here at Blogging Pro. Gila is a three-column theme based on the open source web design of Haran.

Gila requires two plugins and two images which are included in the distribution. The admin bar plugin places admin links at the top of the page as seen in the screenshot below. These links are only seen by a logged in admin. The other plugin places recent comments in the right sidebar. The images are for blockquote text and form fields.

Place the two plugins into the wp-content/plugins folder and then activate them. Place the images where ever you choose and then change the location in the style.css file.

If you don’t want to use the admin bar plugin you will have to take out the admin bar code <?php admin_bar(); ?> in header.php. If you choose not to use the recent comments plugin remove the following from sidebar.php


< ?php _e('Recent Comments'); ?>

< ?php mdv_recent_comments(10, 7, '', '
‘, true, 0)?>


For me at least, it was difficult to get the three columns to auto size based on the longest column. I don’t see how CSS is very proficient in accomplishing this. I also tried some JavaScript to get the columns to auto-size but that didn’t work out very well. The only time you will have issues is when you go to a page with only one or two posts, IE displays the center content funky. Firefox looks awesome.

You can download the theme here. If you have any problems post them here or use the contact form.

Gila theme for WordPress 1.5

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  1. James says: 3/5/2005

    Wow, I am impressed with this theme. Looks very nice :) Also about time someone came out with a theme that uses 100% of the page width hehe. Thanks!

  2. John says: 3/5/2005

    Thanks James. Yeah, you don’t see very many WordPress themes that use 100% of the screen and are three columns.

  3. Doug Stewart says: 3/5/2005

    Dang. Now I’m going to have to come up with a new theme for mysite…


  4. John says: 3/5/2005

    Sorry Doug… :)

  5. Michael Bakshi says: 3/5/2005

    What version of gila is this? There is a new version that was released like.. yesterday.

    OSWD Design Site

  6. Michael Bakshi says: 3/5/2005

    Whoops my bad, it’s march 2003 not march 3. sorry. i love your theme!

  7. Zach says: 3/8/2005

    Whats with the constant use of style=””

    Bulk your CSS into a .CSS file rather than edit the elements as-is. looks neater and breaks my disable CSS.

  8. Mark Fleming says: 3/12/2005

    I’d like to take the date display off the top of the Page display (without taking it off the Post displays). How can I do this?

    Dates are really meaningless in my application of Pages.

  9. John says: 3/12/2005

    Remove the following:

    <div class=”date-header”> <?php the_date(‘F jS, Y’) ?> </div>

    from index.php and single.php.

  10. Edwin says: 3/13/2005

    After trying for some time to get things to work, I finally realized I had to turn the plug-ins on. Now it’s working like a charm.