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How To Avoid Blog Burnout

Blog Brandz talks about how to avoid blog burnout and mentions that Robert Scoble has stopped his daily frenzy of posting to his linkblog which was taking anywhere from three to eights hours a day. I think for most bloggers, burnout is not an issue but for some, burnout can hit pretty rapidly.

I average about four to six posts a day by spending 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening researching resources to blog about. During these 60 minutes I find the material for the posts and spread them out by future dating them. If I find quite a few resources I will even future date into the next day and take that day off, but still publishing content to keep the traffic flowing.

As with everything, blogging should be done in moderation. :)

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  1. Priya Shah says: 3/25/2005

    Thanks for the link and the tips on future dating. I expanded on that post and wrote it up into an article here

  2. Carla says: 3/26/2005

    This is why I blog for myself, to organize what I’m reading and my thoughts about those books, links I find, etc. If someone else finds it useful or wants to comment to discuss further, that’s marvelous. But, if not, I’m still doing it for me. So no harm, no foul…and no burnout. :)

  3. Andy Skelton says: 3/27/2005

    On thing helps me rip myself away from my computer when I’m too high on blogging: putting on pants.

  4. Priya Shah says: 3/27/2005

    Hehe, I wish I’d thought of that when I was writing the article, Andy.

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