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Check out Alex King’s WordPress Theme Browser. A very cool and easy way to view the different themes that have been entered into his theme contest, which by the way is coming to a rapid conclusion.

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  1. Brian says: 3/25/2005

    im using firefox 1.0.2 and the theme browser dosen’t work for me.
    does it show the default wordpress theme for anyone else?

  2. John says: 3/25/2005

    I’m also using Firefox 1.0.2 and it works fine for me. When you first go to the browser it should be blank. Select a theme from the drop down.

  3. Mr. Dew says: 3/25/2005

    I hope the theme broswer becomes some sort of a plugin and users can switch themes as they wish and have their selected theme saved in cookies.

  4. Brian says: 3/25/2005

    Dr Dew.. your comment reminded me i have a cookie blocker on firefox.
    i disabled it and all is working right now.

  5. Mr. Dew says: 3/27/2005

    I have just been upgraded to doctor, hahaa.. By the way, why’s the reason for blocking cookies for your case? Many sites use them actually. I think it’d deprive your web surfing experience somehow.

  6. Brian says: 3/27/2005

    haha.. i noticed that upgrade after i hit submit but didn’t want to make a double post.
    i use firefox and i have an extension that allows me to white list cookies. so i didn’t realize that was the issue untill i saw your post. i guess i was too tired to realize that was the problem :)

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