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WordPress Plugin: Browser Detection

This is a Browser Detection Plugin for WordPress. It provides a function that takes user agent string as a parameter and then returns a descriptive string. It also provides another function for easy insertion in comment template.


  • Detects and shows commenters web browser and operating system (for use in comment template)
  • Describe an arbitrary user agent string (for general use)
  • Optionally show web browser and operating system icon.
  • If the user is “cookied”, it also displays an asterisk titled with the full user agent string (hover over them to see the full user agent string). Your regular visitors will not be shown this asterisk.
  • Most browsers detected: major desktop browsers, antiquated browsers, blogging software (for trackbacks and pingbacks), text based browsers, various PDAs and cell phones.

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  1. Bayu R says: 3/29/2005

    I commented this on the author’s blog, but it’s removed for I don’t know what reason.

    Anyway, I checked the source code of the plugin. And the browser detection itself has lots of if else blocks.
    Which means that if there’s a new browser user agent or any other changes to the information, the plugin needs to be reinstalled.

    I suggest it’s better to separate those information into 1 file, separated from the source code. So if there is a new browser, the user will only need to update the information data without having to update the whole plugin.

    From implementation point of view itself it’s nicer because no source code needs to be changed.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Amal says: 3/29/2005

    Bayu, I read your comment has been shown now in Priyadi’s Place. Maybe previously it was stopped in moderation.