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WordPress Plugin: Dynamic Text Replace

Dynamic Text Replace is a plugin for WordPres 1.5 which allows you to define your own custom dynamic text replacement pseudo-functions (i.e. ::google(“search terms here”)::)

Dynamic Text Replace allows you to easily pre-define text replacement template strings and allow for text to be passed in.

It comes preloaded with pseudo-functions that facilitate making links to:,,,,, and The beauty is that you can create your own very easily!

::amazon(“ASIN/ISBN goes here”, “What you want as the link text”)::
::answers(“dictionary word or search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::codex(“Use Custom Fields”, “Learn how to use custom fields”)::
::google(“Search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::imdb(“Search terms go here”, “Link text here”)::
::wikipedia(“Search terms here”, “Link text here”)::

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  1. HostMonk says: 3/30/2005

    I was just about to search for this very function when I saw it pop up on RSS. Thanks.

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