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WordPress Plugin: Identify External Links

Identify External Links will add a special CSS class to all links in your entries and in your comments that go to external sites (sites other than your site).

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  1. Andy says: 3/30/2005

    A plugin? All that’s needed is a little CSS modding, via the edit theme control panel in 1.5. You can even add a logo for e-mail.

    /* link hack */

    #content a[href^="mailto:"] {

    background: transparent url('/images/email.gif') 100% 50% no-repeat;

    padding-right: 10px;


    #content a[href^="http:"], #content a[href^="http:"] {

    background: transparent url('/images/external.gif') 100% 50% no-repeat;

    padding-right: 10px;

    white-space: nowrap;


    #content a[href^=""],

    #content a[href^=""] {

    background: inherit;

    padding-right: 0px;


    That’s loosely based on the code from, and it works fine on any application I’ve used it for.

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