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WordPress Plugin: Preserve Code Formatting

Preserve Code Formatting plugin will disable notification emails about new and/or moderated comments, pingbacks, and/or trackbacks en masse or on an individual author basis based on conditions.

will preserve formatting for text within <code> and <pre> tags (other tags can be defined as well). Helps to preserve code indentation, multiple spaces, prevents WP’s fancification of text (ie. ensures quotes don’t become curly, etc).

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WordPress Plugin: WP_Shoutcast

The WP_Shoutcast plugin shows what’s on a [[shoutcast]] station of your choice. The output is similar to this:

Whole Wheat Radio

Todd Hoke – Hidden Track
Bitrate: 56 kpbs
Listeners: 25 / 70

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WordPress Plugin: Never Moderate Admin or Post Author

Never Moderate Admin or Post Author is a plugin that will never moderate or mark as spam, comments made by the site admin, the post’s author, or optionally, any registered user above a specified user level, regardless of the apparent spamminess of the comment.

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WordPress Plugin: Sync Draft Slug and Title

While a post is still a draft, Sync Draft Slug and Title will keep the post slug in sync with any changes to the post title. The author says that WordPress 1.5.1 will probably address this issue so the plugin may not be needed for long.

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WordPress Plugin: Author Image(s)

Author Image(s) is a WordPress plugin that displays an image (if present) and/or name for the author of a post, or for all authors on the blog.

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WordPress Theme: Gentle Calm

Gentle Calm is a clean, relaxing theme that uses a liquid design using em’s for placement rather than a fixed width, pixel based design.

Gentle Calm template for WordPress 1.5

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WordPress Theme: Rin

Rin is a two-column WordPress theme for version 1.5 by Broken Kode.

Rin WordPress 1.5 theme

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WordPress Themes: Connections

Here’s another quality, good looking theme from WP called Connections. This team of designers do some of the best work I have seen. Good job Sadish and Patricia.

I think I will use this one for one of my other projects.

Connections Theme

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WordPress Plugin: Browser Detection

This is a Browser Detection Plugin for WordPress. It provides a function that takes user agent string as a parameter and then returns a descriptive string. It also provides another function for easy insertion in comment template.


  • Detects and shows commenters web browser and operating system (for use in comment template)
  • Describe an arbitrary user agent string (for general use)
  • Optionally show web browser and operating system icon.
  • If the user is “cookied”, it also displays an asterisk titled with the full user agent string (hover over them to see the full user agent string). Your regular visitors will not be shown this asterisk.
  • Most browsers detected: major desktop browsers, antiquated browsers, blogging software (for trackbacks and pingbacks), text based browsers, various PDAs and cell phones.

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WordPress Theme: Taft 1.0

Here’s another creative theme by Secret Weapon Labs called Taft. If there’s enough interest, future plans include PHP code factoring and breaking the theme down to even more components such as a 404 page, a special page made for single posts, and special comment handling.

Taft skin for 1.5

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