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WordPress Plugin: X-Valid

This plugin attempts to take arbitrary posts and comments and transform them into valid XHTML, a standard that describes how web-pages should be written. WordPress itself is already XHTML valid, but the same cannot be necessarily said of post content itself. It is especially hard to guarantee that your comment posters will conform to these standards, which could theoretically lead to your site displaying incorrectly.

X-Valid covers a wide range of markup errors, and is configurable via a menu interface which can be found as a Plugins submenu.

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WordPress Plugin: lr2Spam

lr2Spam is a simple plugin that attempts to eliminate comment spam. Prevents blind posting by adding a dynamic hidden field to the form and validating that field when posted. By default it logs all pertinent information to error_log so you can track the type and frequency of spam.

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WordPress Theme: 1950’s Chic

Another good looking theme from Wiggle Bottoms called 1950’s Chic.

WordPress template 1950\'s Chick

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WordPress Theme: Pretty In Pink

From Wiggle Bottoms comes Pretty In Pink, a WordPress 1.5 theme.

Pretty In Pink Theme

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WordPress Plugin: Roept U Maar

The Roept U Maar plugin adds a shoutbox to your WordPress 1.5 blog so visitors can leave short messages. This website is in Dutch but all of the plugins are in English. The author also has Who Is Online, Last posts, Last comments, and Random Quote of the Day plugins available for your 1.5 blog.

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WordPress Theme: Windstorm

Nosebleed Industries has a theme for WordPress 1.5 available for download called Windstorm.

WordPress 1.5 theme called Windstorm

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WordPress Plugin: Votio

Asymptomatic has a plugin available that will add a voting booth to your posts allowing readers to rate individual posts.

Voting Booth

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WordPress Themes: Dixie Belle and Daisy Rae has two new themes called Dixie Belle and Daisy Rae.

Dixie Belle template

Daisy Rae template

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WordPress Theme: Reflection 1.0

Here’s a new WordPress Theme called Reflection 1.0.

reflections theme

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Mail

This hack is a drop in replacement for the current wp-mail.php. It uses pear as a mime compliant email decoder. You can attach images inline in your email messages and they’ll be shown as an image in your wordpress article.

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