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WordPress Plugin: Frame Buster

Frame Buster places some JavaScript in the heading of all pages which will prevent your site from appearing in someone else’s frame. I think the biggest offender of framing other people’s websites is

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  1. theMike says: 4/1/2005

    What about and browsing? Will that be affected?

  2. John says: 4/1/2005

    I don’t know for sure but this is what the plugin is used for. To keep sites like these from framing your blog.

  3. Cron says: 4/2/2005

    Does it just stop the page from rendering or does it automaticly redirect to your blog (no frame)?

  4. John says: 4/2/2005

    I haven’t used this particular plugin but I have used frame buster JavaScript before and yes, when the framing site sends someone to your site, the JavaScript removes the offending sites frame.


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