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WordPress Is Not PHP, Help For Beginners

Matt Googly has a nice article for WordPress and PHP newbies. He takes the mysterious PHP out of the templating system by explaining each item in the “loop”.

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WordPress Plugin: Flickr Album List

Flickr Album List is an extension to Ramon Darrow’s Flickr Gallery plugin (v 0.7) that generates a list of your Flickr photo albums for inclusion in your sidebar. It requires Flickr Gallery (tested with v. 0.7) to be installed and activated.

Categories: WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugin: Flickr Photos

Flickr Photos enables you to post Flickr photos in your WordPress site with a Markdown compatible syntax. In addition to producing the image html, it also grabs and displays any notes associated with the image for sizes greater than thumbnail. The notes are scaled to fit the image.

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WordPress Plugin: Greek

This plugin takes an XML feed from and allows you to insert verses from the New Testament, in Greek, into your blog. The feed contains lots of additional grammatical information that can also be displayed.

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WordPress Hack: Sidebar Login

WordPress sidebar login form hack adds a login form in the sidebar and once you’re logged in, will display your user name and user controls.

r0x0rz has modified the hack to work with the Blix theme.

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NBC to Brian Williams, Why Aren’t You Blogging?

NBC Universal Television Group President Jeff Zucker said entering the generally opinionated world of blogs might be one way television networks could keep their grip on viewers who increasingly use the Internet for news.

“I don’t know why Brian Williams isn’t blogging right now,” Zucker said of the anchor of NBC’s top-rated evening news program who took the helm after veteran journalist Tom Brokaw stepped down in December. “We should be looking for a more interactive component … and be experimenting more.”

Zucker said he was considering a blog for Williams and could envision a similar blog for Katie Couric, the co-host of NBC’s “Today” show. He noted that the morning program hadn’t changed its format much in more than a decade.

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WordPress Plugin: Fancy Excerpt

The Fancy Excerpt plugin for WordPress creates an excerpt for a post that has none. Use it rather than the default WordPress excerpt generator and your sentences will no longer be cut.

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WordPress Plugin: Automatic Music Player

Automatic Music Player is a music player for WordPress 1.5. Simply upload MP3 or WAV files and your users will be able to listen to the files from your blog without installing additional programs . Flash Player is required for the web client.

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WordPress Plugin: lr2ImageSnag

lr2ImageSnag is a plugin that checks to see if the first line of your post is a url to an image. If it is, the image is fetched using [[curl]], resized using [[ImageMagick]], and the url is replaced with an image tag.

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WordPress Plugin: More Smilies

More Smilies Plugin allows you to choose between different sets of smilies. Before running this plugin be sure to read the note on the authors website regarding a needed update to menu-header.php. Now you can use smilies from other applications on your WordPress blog.

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