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WordPress Plugin: Petry Dish

Petry Dish Plugin adds a shoutbox to your WordPress page. Features include:

  • Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • Icons for users who enter a URL, no icon for users who do not
  • Hovering names/user icons will display a tooltip with date and time
  • iFramed so when a new message is sent, the whole page doesn’t reload
  • Compatible with almost every browser
  • Easy to customize via stylesheet
  • iFrame settings are done via editing plugin file
  • Info stored via flat files

This plugin is still in alpha stage.

Categories: WordPress Plugins

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  1. Carina says: 5/25/2005


    I am trying to install this plugin. But where do I put this: “”

    Greetings, Carina

  2. Carina says: 5/25/2005


    Something went wrong with my comment; I meant this

  3. Carina says: 5/25/2005

    ?php petry_dish() I meant this, sorry.

  4. John says: 5/25/2005

    Carina, please take your questions to the author’s website. That is your best source for answers.

  5. Ensellitis says: 5/25/2005

    Yes, please direct all questions to:

    ANd that is placed in your sidebar…


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