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Blogging Sense From Master Yoda

Found some blogging tips from Master Yoda by way of The Force

  • Blog you must for your business.
  • Truth, passion, authenticity a blogger must have
  • Comment and trackback spam paths to the Darkside are
  • Prideful blogging, a dangerous thing it is. A way to the Darkside it is
  • The Blog-i Masters train you in the way of the Blog, they can
  • Blog-i Masters guardians of the Blogosphere they are
  • May the Blog be with you

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  1. zoogies says: 5/29/2005

    No, no, no! Quote Master Yoda correctly:

    » Comment and trackback spam, paths to the Darkside, they are.

    » Train you in the way of the Blog, the Blog-i Masters can.

    » Guardians of the Blogosphere, the Blog-i Masters are.

    How could such misuse of Master Yoda’s prophecies occur? …A disturbance in the Blog, I feel…


    On a more serious note, what qualifies as comment/trackback spam?

  2. TheGiant says: 5/30/2005

    Comment and Trackback spam is pointless comments and trackbacks having nothing to do with the post, either about websites, or just nothing at all.

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