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WordPress Plugin: Multiple Random Images

Multiple Random Images plugin for WordPress 1.5 displays multiple random images from a specified directory (works with JPEG images only).

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WordPress (Updated)

While I was away on a forced vacation thanks to my ISP WordPress released version 1.5.1 and then version which corrected a few bugs from 1.5.1.

In our effort to optimize we made two mistakes in 1.5.1, one related to feeds and one related to trackbacks and pingbacks. We’ve updated the download with which corrects these bugs and a few others.

You can download from here.

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WordPress Plugin: Paged Comments

Paged Comments is a WordPress plugin to enable comments on posts to be split into pages.

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Goals For WordPress Version 1.6

In case you are curious what is in store for WordPress Version 1.6.

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Dissection of a WordPress Theme: Part 4

UrbanGiraffe has released the 4th and final issue of Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 4.

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WordPress Plugin: Smart Links

Smart link plugin for WordPress lets you insert links in your posts using natural language rather than urls.

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Mycroft Search Plugin Generator

Mycroft Search Plugin Generator allows users to easily add a Firefox search plugin that searches their WordPress blog.

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CSS Style For Your WordPress RSS Feed

fernando_graphicos has a nice tutorial on styling your WordPress RSS Feed.

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I’ll Be Offline For A Few Days

I’m having DSL connectivity problems which may not be resolved by my ISP for several days. Expect very few updates until next week.

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Possible WordPress 1.5.1 RSS Errors

It appears there is a RSS feed bug in WordPress 1.5.1 as talked about here. The problem is the feeds are not accurate, and returning with error 304. The “/feed” page which should reflect the entire installs feed is only outputting a feed when a new entry is produced, and, after what seems to be 24 hours, returns to a state of null.

You can patch the source file by following these instructions.

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