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Make Your RSS Feeds Easier For Readers

quickSub is a cool little JavaScript that makes your RSS feed link come to life with one-click subscription links to the most popular aggregators. Once your reader places they’re mouse over your XML link they are presented with a ton of choices. Try it on the author’s website.

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MIT Weblog Survey

MIT Weblog Survey

This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our goal is to help understand the way that weblogs are affecting the way we communicate with each other. Specifically we are interested in issues of demographics, communication behaviors, experience with weblogs and other technology, and the meaning of various types of social links within the blogosphere.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and we are asking anyone with a weblog to participate. The larger the sample of individuals we can get, the better our picture of the community will be.

Found via Marketing Roadmaps

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WordPress Date Image Hack

Here’s a short tutorial on using dynamic images to replace the date entries in your WordPress 1.5 blog.

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WordPress Available

Today WordPress released WordPress due to an important security issue. All users are advised to upgrade.

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More WordPress GreaseMonkey Scripts

Since we’re on the subject of GreaseMonkey and I just started using this very cool Firefox extension, here is a GreaseMonkey Script that replaces the “Clip/Blog This” links in Bloglines with a WordPress bookmarklet popup, sending the item title and link to a new WordPress Post.

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Tweaking WordPress With Greasemonkey

Update: Here are a few more WordPress GreaseMonkey scripts that the author is offering.

wordpressuncheck.user.js is a GreaseMonkey user script that waits until the admin “Write Post” page loads, then goes through and unchecks whatever WordPress chose as the default category. It only deselects when a new post is created, otherwise it would overwrite the categories you already selected for drafts. Its only requirement is that you keep the default “wp-admin” folder.

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WordPress Plugin: Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter

Angsuman’s Feed Copyrighter automatically adds a copyright message to your RSS or Atom feeds.

The copyright message is displayed only when full text of the articles are syndicated.

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Hello everyone, I just thought I’d give myself a little introduction. I’m sure many of you are wondering what direction I’m going to take this site and if I’m going to change it completely. First of all let me say that I am going to continue reporting on the latest wordpress news so you don’t have to worry about that. My other posts will be targeted to blogging professionally and on general blogosphere news. Hopefully the post count here will only continue to grow.

I will probably be reposting some of the content from my old blog at first to give everyone an idea of the direction that I’m taking this site.

Now a little information about myself. I’m 23 years old and go to Middle Tennessee State University and I graduate in December. I am trying to make it in the world as a professional blogger/webmaster. I will also be posting on reaching my goals such as being able to work for myself. I like to disclose as much information as possible while blogging, so people can see how to succeed being a blogger/webmaster. I think to like I have a little knowledge about a few things ;) Anyway, hopefully I can please most of you and keep John from regretting that he had to sell. I’ll make you proud John! Wish me luck! :P

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WordPress Plugin: Version Check

Ever wonder if you’re using the latest version of WordPress? Version Check checks an XML-RPC webservice for update news displaying a message at the top of every page in the WordPress admin user-interface. The plugin will check for an update to the message every 15 mins with an additional check being kicked off if the installed WordPress version changes so as to give instant feedback on upgrades.

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WordPress Theme: Giraffe

Giraffe is a WordPress 1.5 theme that is a fluid-width theme that attempts to split the front page of a blog into three sections:

  • Lead posts. The latest posts, with full-width and a large font
  • Recent posts. Slightly older, with shorter width, smaller font
  • Older posts. Everything else, displaying just the titles

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