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Blogging Pro Sold!

Today I finalized the sale of Blogging Pro to Jacob Gower. Jacob also owns and and has a personal blog here.

I had quite a few bidders but with Jacob I could see the sincerity and excitement in his emails, and even though he was not the highest bidder I felt he would best take care of Blogging Pro.

I will continue posting through the transition period which ends July 5th, 2005. I think Jacob will add more dimension to Blogging Pro and will build upon what I’ve started.

I love WordPress and the WordPress community and will continue to be involved and promote it any way I can.

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  1. david says: 6/24/2005

    Good job on Blogging Pro — I appreciate what you’ve done and thank you for your efforts. I’d wager that Jacob will make you proud with his handling of the site.

  2. John says: 6/24/2005

    Thanks David!

  3. Jacob says: 6/25/2005

    Thanks for your confidence David, I’ll do my best to keep it up to standards.

  4. Kim Siever says: 6/26/2005

    This great, John. And it is in good hands as well. Things worked out very well.

  5. Miha says: 6/27/2005

    Another great victory by Jacob. ;-)

  6. Melody Ralls says: 6/27/2005

    John, You’ve done an excellent job with this site and I want to thank you for all your hard work and the tons of information you’ve given me and others.

  7. dp says: 6/28/2005

    Thanks for all your hard work here in the past John. I’m glad to know that you’ll have more time for your other projects.

    I have found Blogging Pro to be a fantastic resource, and am sure that if you feel Jacob is up to the task, then that will only continue.

  8. John says: 6/28/2005

    Thanks Melody and DP for your comments, I appreciate them.

  9. Angsuman Chakraborty says: 6/28/2005

    So how much? Spill it out :)

  10. Kim Siever says: 6/28/2005

    No. Don’t tell us.

  11. John says: 6/29/2005

    Well…I got more than the minimum. :)

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