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Hello everyone, I just thought I’d give myself a little introduction. I’m sure many of you are wondering what direction I’m going to take this site and if I’m going to change it completely. First of all let me say that I am going to continue reporting on the latest wordpress news so you don’t have to worry about that. My other posts will be targeted to blogging professionally and on general blogosphere news. Hopefully the post count here will only continue to grow.

I will probably be reposting some of the content from my old blog at first to give everyone an idea of the direction that I’m taking this site.

Now a little information about myself. I’m 23 years old and go to Middle Tennessee State University and I graduate in December. I am trying to make it in the world as a professional blogger/webmaster. I will also be posting on reaching my goals such as being able to work for myself. I like to disclose as much information as possible while blogging, so people can see how to succeed being a blogger/webmaster. I think to like I have a little knowledge about a few things ;) Anyway, hopefully I can please most of you and keep John from regretting that he had to sell. I’ll make you proud John! Wish me luck! :P

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  1. matt says: 6/28/2005

    I already hate you.

    Just kidding dude. Glad to have you.

  2. orangeguru says: 6/28/2005

    Hello! I like this site a lot – I am looking forward how you gonna evolve it. Actually I am a WP-User and kind of ‘reseller’ – using it for clients.

    I would like to see more news, tips & tricks for pro developers – and not just WP. Still MT is a great tool for many jobs, even blogger can be recommended for some jobs here and there.

    Another key point would be to collect more infos on projects and how to combine tools for solutions, like using a shop in WP or stitching it together with a forum.

    Maybe you could offer a directory for Blogging pros – people who install, adapt and configure for a living. That might start a small marketplace?

  3. mESH says: 6/28/2005

    Always good to see a nice “intro” post. This is a great domain and I hope your only going to improve it. Us WordPress users look forward to what you have to offer the Global Community.

  4. david says: 6/28/2005

    I just wanted to wish you good luck — we’re all counting on you.

    Heh. “Airplane!”

  5. David ) says: 6/28/2005


    Nice to see you have added another prominant site to your mini-network you have going on. Hopefully you will be able to keep up the pace as I have not seen you write as much lately… :(

  6. Jacob says: 6/28/2005

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    Don’t worry David, I’ve just been needing something to get me back on track, and this’ll do it. It’s always more fun to write too when you’ve got thousands of visitors a day too.

  7. Matt says: 6/28/2005

    If the quality of the site remains high I will consider re-including it in the WordPress Planet.

  8. monkeypup says: 6/28/2005

    Welcome aboard! Glad to have you. As long as you keep the wordpress goodness coming, I’ll be happy!

  9. Shai Coggins says: 6/28/2005

    Congrats and good luck! I look forward to seeing what you’d do with BloggingPro.

  10. Code says: 7/5/2005

    MTSU! Sweet…I’m in Oak Ridge, so it’s cool to have a local doing the writing. Good luck to you!

  11. Stefano says: 7/7/2005

    Hi, nice to have you in the WPsphere :)

    Time ago we have arranged with John to have the post of this blog translated in italian. I wish to know if you will like to continue to have them translated in our blog that it’s aimed to offer italina info, resource etc for the WP italian user community.

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