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WordPress Theme – Gossip Box

Gossip Box is a WordPress theme designed to resemble MSN Messenger.

Gossip Box theme

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WordPress Plugin: WP Feed on Feeds

WP Feed on Feeds prints out a list of your subscribed feeds if you’re using the Feed on Feeds web based RSS aggregator.

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WordPress Plugin: iTunesSpy

iTunesSpy is a flexible plugin which inserts and displays the recently played tracks in iTunes on your WordPress weblog. To get the tracks out of iTunes you also need the ituneswatcher 2 application (version or higher). This program sends all the necessary data to the iTunesSpy-plugin and the plugin puts it into the database.

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WordPress Plugin: Hebrew Date

Hebrew Date is a WordPress 1.5 plugin that displays Hebrew dates alongside the current Gregorian dates.

The current exception is the Month, Year format of the archive pages are not converted.

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Blogs as Resources

Tim Yang links to an excellent article on practices in citations of sources using blog posts as examples.

One of the most intellectually dishonest things you can do in blogging is to misrepresent the content of an article you are citing as a reference…you need to know the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sources, which isn’t unique to the Internet. Blogs can be any of the three, however, which is one of the things that makes them a tricky case.

Via Blogs as Resources

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Blogging Pro Sold!

Today I finalized the sale of Blogging Pro to Jacob Gower. Jacob also owns and and has a personal blog here.

I had quite a few bidders but with Jacob I could see the sincerity and excitement in his emails, and even though he was not the highest bidder I felt he would best take care of Blogging Pro.

I will continue posting through the transition period which ends July 5th, 2005. I think Jacob will add more dimension to Blogging Pro and will build upon what I’ve started.

I love WordPress and the WordPress community and will continue to be involved and promote it any way I can.

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WordPress Plugin: SearchHistory

Have you ever wondered what search terms visitors use when they search from your blog? The WordPress 1.5 SearchHistory plugin stores details about previous searches and provides a tab within the Manage section of the Admin screen to view the results.

This plugin does require you to add some code into your theme’s header.php file.

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WordPress Plugin: Polaroidonizer

Polaroidonizer implements the Polaroidonizer Script. With this script you can create images that look like Polaroids. You can create an official mirror Polaroidonizer page, where visitors can use the service provided by Polaroidonizer and you can include a polaroidonized version of an image into your post.

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WordPress Plugin: NowPlaying

NowPlaying Plugin for WordPress 1.5 is based upon the Song Displayer plugin by Matthieu Biscay, not only allows you to display the song that is currently playing in your Winamp playlist, but updates your blog with a new song every # seconds using AJAX. You need Winamp and the DoSomething plugin.

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WordPress Plugins: Counting Stuff

Here are several WordPress 1.5 plugins from the same author.

  • ComCount – plugin that counts the number of approved comments in WordPress-posts.
  • MsgCount – plugin that counts the number of published posts in a WordPress blog.
  • CatCount – plugin that counts the number of categories in a WordPress blog.
  • WordCount – plugin that counts the number of words in one/all published posts and/or in one/all approved comments.
  • UsrComCount – plugin that counts the number of different users that have commented in your blog.
  • UsrCount – plugin that counts the number of registered users in the blog.
  • CharCounter – plugin that counts the characters in all/one specific published post(s) and/or in all/one approved comments. Can be used externally or in “the loop”.

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