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New Design?

I don’t want to start changing everything that John has worked so hard to create here or anything, but I thought I’d get a feel for whether people would like to see a new design here. If you would, I’ll try and get a very purdy one made. On top of that, I’ll make it available as a public theme. Anyway, so what does everyone think? New look or stick with this one?

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  1. Markus says: 7/6/2005

    New Blogger, new theme. Why not?

  2. Brandon Martus says: 7/6/2005

    Agreed. Change is good.

  3. sA says: 7/6/2005

    Change it.

  4. indi says: 7/6/2005

    yes, please

  5. Rob Lewis says: 7/6/2005

    Yeah I think it may be time for a new look – I generally like fluid layouts for websites, but having such a big content area, makes the lines of text very long, and possibly more difficult to read. Mind you, this could have something to do with the screen resolution I use (1280 x 1024) so maybe I should just resize my browser and shut up…

  6. Robert says: 7/6/2005

    Simplicity is best for me. I come here for the content.

  7. This Is Not A Love Story says: 7/6/2005

    Please change it!

  8. Darren says: 7/6/2005

    change is good – but I’m here more for content and follow things via RSS mostly so don’t let it consume you :-)

  9. Brett says: 7/6/2005

    Change is not always a bad thing. ;)

  10. Bradley A. Noe says: 7/6/2005

    I think a new theme would be nice. One idea would be to allow users to select from a few different styles depending on their taste. I know this is being done with other WP blogs but not sure on all the details. You could leave the current design as once choice and add a few others (say a darker theme for those eyes which can’t take the strain of a bright background color).
    Just my 2 cents, and also good to see another Tennessean active in the blogging community! Can’t wait to see what all you have in store for us. :)


  11. Leonid Mamchenkov says: 7/6/2005

    Obsolete question. I read this site with Bloglines. :)

  12. Chris Meller says: 7/6/2005

    Well, I don’t generally visit the site either, but I think this design is pretty boring.

    I’m definately all for a new layout! Bring on the colors and the fung shui, all these right angles are hurting my karma man!

    Besides, it’s your blog now. I think you deserve to give it a touch of your own, not have to live within the pre-set bounds established by someone else.

  13. Jacob says: 7/6/2005

    Okay, well the overwhelming majority seem to would like a change. I think I can handle something. I happen to know a few good designers who could handle this job since I run CSS Vault. Anyway, my philosophy is always to keep the design focused on the content so we’ll see what I can have drawn up.

    I actually just had this design made recently. What do you guys think of it? I probably won’t use it, I’d just like to get a feel for what people would like.

  14. Tim Yang says: 7/6/2005

    Stick with 3-columns. 2 columns for WP sites seems so cliched. ;-)

  15. Rob Lewis says: 7/7/2005

    As always, content is king, and a few people here have mentioned that it doesn’t really matter to them what it looks like because they read the site via RSS – you also have to remember that there will be visitors from search engines, and I think a decent looking site can give a good first impression, which might make them stay around.

  16. Jalansutera says: 7/7/2005

    yes, please. but we need a simple, fast-loading design…

  17. Alex says: 7/7/2005

    A change would be good!

  18. yuga says: 7/7/2005

    I believe a new look would be a fresh welcome for everyone.

    How about a BloggingPro logo design contest? That should involve the regular visitors and create a little PR for you as the new guy here.

  19. ZeroZen says: 7/7/2005

    New design please and keep up the good work.

  20. April says: 7/7/2005

    NEW LOOK! :)

  21. Jeffrey says: 7/8/2005

    Please – no fixed width themes… This site is currently very viewable. However, if a fixed width theme is used (like that at WordPress), then the viewability will be much more difficult…


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