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I just wanted to write a quick post about how impressed I am with WordPress. It’s been a while since I’ve used it. Since I last used it, it’s either gotten a lot easier to use, or I just wasn’t aware of the full capabilities. Three things in particular stood out to me. First of all, the installation. I had to go in, change some database information and a file name, visit one of the files in my browser, and then voila! It was installed. Next, I had to import the theme. I thought this would’ve been a little more complicated than uploading the theme files and then selecting it in the WP administration. The theme gets automatically recognized, and then I have to click ‘Select’… cool is that. Same thing for plugins. Upload, activate and done.

Anyway, I’ll be spending the next few days getting very familiar with the software. Probably the best thing about my new obsession with this software is that reporting on it is going to be a lot more fun now that I actually am a true fan. Great software Matt!

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